It’s great to have a garden. I would feel trapped without one. It’s a private space where I can step out and walk around, sit in the sun, invite friends to chat and generally commune with nature. It’s a proper haven for birds of many types too. What is very convenient is that it’s a low-maintenance garden. Lots of interesting shrubs, both flowering and colored foliage, with a winding path through the lawn. There’s one shrub, don’t know what it is, that’s come into flower. The blooms are like white pompoms and have such a beautiful scent. You don’t notice it during the day but as dusk settles, particularly when it’s mild, they fill the garden with a really heady perfume like nectar.

Apart from keeping the lawn cut, the garden places no great demands upon me. Which is just as well as time is not too plentiful at present. But given the opportunity there are so many things I would like to do.

But that’s the thing with a garden. It’s a sort of compromise between two issues. What you want to achieve and your circumstances. Circumstances covers things like time, energy and resources.

Choosing the Right Type of Garden for You

There are many different types of gardening and ways to garden. Some appreciate the tranquility of a cottage flower garden. Others like to throw their energies into home grown vegetable production. For some with space constraints their ideal will be gardening in containers.

The Type of Garden You Choose Depends on Several Factors

If you’re living in an apartment then it’s going to be nigh impossible to cultivate a large vegetable garden. And if you’re consistently working 60 hours a week then tending  crowded flower beds is going to present a challenge.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • How much space do I have for gardening
  • How much time do I have available to garden
  • How physically able am I to care for a garden
  • How much money do I have to spend on a garden
  • What is the purpose of my garden

There is always a gardening option whatever your  circumstance.

Here are a few ideas to mull over. One or more might spark some thoughts.

Flower Gardening

Growing flowers is relatively simple especially if you choose hardy varieties. It can be as simple as spreading some wildflower seeds around or as complex as planning borders with patterns of height and color.

Flower gardening might not be right for those who prefer their garden to display a more modern look. Some feel that manicured displays flowers look too contrived and traditional. There’s no denying though that well laid out splashes of color can make a real impact. If you are tempted to go for flower gardens think about which varieties will prove attractive to bees and butterflies for nectar and breeding. So many of the new hybridized plants are of little or no use to the insect world which needs a bit of support these days.

Vegetable Gardening

There’s a great deal of satisfaction to be had from vegetable gardening. It’s very rewarding to walk into the garden, cut  and pull some of your own produce for the kitchen and be serving it onto the plate literally within  minutes. How good would that taste? It couldn’t be fresher than that! Plus the fact that it’s been organically grown makes it taste better still. However, growing your own veg doesn’t come without a deal of energy and effort.

That said, vegetable gardening is very rewarding and a great way to de-stress.

UPDATE  While researching around I came across this which really grabbed my attention.

A logical approach by an environmental scientist turns conventional horticultural wisdom on its head.

How, by working with nature, you can harvest bigger crop yields all year round without digging or weeding !

Look at this  Veggie Gardening Without all the Problems Seriously, you’ll be amazed !

Herb Gardening

A very much more relaxed activity is growing your own herbs. Setting up a herbal kitchen garden is a very simple, easy way to garden that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Herbs can be grown in pots or containers and can be picked to provide interesting flavors to your cooking or used to make herbal remedies. The scents they give off can be very relaxing too. Perhaps they could be the basis of a sensory garden area for you.

Rock Gardening

Another relaxing gardening activity. Setting up a rock garden area is not difficult and you could create interesting shapes and levels with pockets for alpine plants. There are many fascinating varieties available too. Once the rock garden is built and planted, caring for it is a very gentle, low maintenance activity.

Container Gardening

Ideal for apartments or homes with space constraints as well as maybe for an area of the patio. It’s possible to cram a lot into a small space and is very flexible too as it can be easily adapted for a wide variety of plants. It’s fun to grow edible crops like beans and tomatoes in some containers and flowers and herbs in another. Creating levels by setting containers on staging gives greater dimension to the area too. There’s an initial cost involved with obtaining the containers and composts but that can be done over a period of time. The beauty is that once set up there is minimal maintenance involved. Containers often dry out quickly during hot weather so you need to keep an eye on watering. This is a great way to garden for children and elderly people as well as busy ones!

So there we are. Just a few ideas to stimulate the imagination.

We’ll go into some of these in greater depth in later posts.









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