There are huge benefits to be gained from vegetable gardening.

For starters you know that your produce is organic. It tastes fresh because it IS fresh. Picked at the very moment you want it. As you serve up your veggies on the meal table there’s the satisfaction of knowing that they are result of your own efforts. And just think of the money you’ve saved too.

Yes, I know there’s a lot of work involved in producing vegetables isn’t there? All that backbreaking digging and soil preparation. Sowing the seeds in rows. And as they grow there’s all the hoeing, weeding, watering, nurturing and . . . WHOA-STOP RIGHT THERE !

I recently came across this amazing information. Were you aware there is a far more efficient way of vegetable gardening that will produce more abundant, organic crops with far less effort? Yes, really!

According to this gentleman, we all follow traditional, accepted horticultural thinking which actually creates more work and problems. However, if we take a tip from nature (and I think she might know a thing or two) we should be following ecological principles.

Jonathan White is an Environmental Scientist and professional Horticulturalist who has applied ecology methods to his food growing and can show you how he manages to:

  • Produce many times more than a traditional garden
  • Spend no more than 8 hours a year of light effort with NO digging
  • Naturally repel pests
  • Say goodbye to weeding
  • Grow fruit and veg organically
  • Produce the tastiest and fattest veggies
  • Fertilize for free with household waste
  • Create a garden that regenerates itself, year after year
  • Produce organic food in the most environmentally and ecologically friendly way

I bet you want to know more – well watch this and prepare to be amazed.

And if you found that as impressive as I did, then go here and find out some more

Veggie Gardening without the Problems

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