Meguiar's M4616 Gold Teak OilMeguiar’s M4616 Gold Teak Oil

I’m sure you know that wood left outdoors faces a constant battle against the elements and, without protection, wind, rain and sun eventually take their toll.

Dense hardwoods are better able to withstand outdoor conditions which is why they are suitable for outdoor use. Teak is a particular favorite.

Teak is seen as the ultimate choice for outdoor furniture because its natural oils make it highly resistant to rot and fungal attack which is why it’s frequently used in harsh marine environments.

Because of these superior qualities, furniture made with teak is in high demand and its price tag is at the top end of the scale.

So if you have furniture made from teak you’ll want to do what you can to protect both its beautiful appearance and your investment.

You can cover the furniture when it’s not being used which helps but that’s not going to give adequate protection.

Teak cannot be treated with the usual wood preservatives. Meguiar’s M4616 Gold Teak Oil is specially produced for the purpose of keeping teak in tip, top shape. It has the effect of keeping the wood water and weather resistant and of maintaining that beautiful, healthy sheen. Teak wood treated this way will repay the attention with many, many years of service.

M4616 Gold Teak Oil can be used with good effect on other hardwoods too and is very effective in protecting Eucalyptus.

Even if your wood has become dulled, you’ll be amazed how Meguiar’s M4616 Gold Teak Oil will bring back its color and luster.

If you live in a location of high humidity and where the summers are very hot, you’ll need to pay extra attention to any outdoor wood furniture and particularly to teak. Applying a coat of Meguiar’s M4616 a couple of times a year will pay dividends.

Because it is a product that you’ll be using fairly regularly, you’ll find it pays to keep a large bottle to hand ready for use. It is not always readily available at regular stores so you’ll find it convenient to order this online.

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