Strathwood Rawley Textilene Chaise LoungeStrathwood Rawley Textilene Chaise Lounge

Here’s another popular chaise lounge of a different design. The frame of the  Strathwood Rawley Textilene Chaise Lounge is made from cast aluminum with a brown powder-coated finish. The seat and back are a woven ‘textilene’ fabric so the whole thing is water and weather proof.

Many people prefer the softer, natural look of wooden outdoor furniture and Strathwood cater for their taste with the Strathwood Basics Hardwood model. Yes – ok, perhaps the hardwood model is more aesthetically desirable than the rather sterile, metallic style of this ‘textilene’ model but this one does have the big advantage of being maintenance free. It’s a very practical choice for many who just want to ‘use and forget’.


The cast-aluminum frame of this chaise has a brown powder-coated finish which results in a durable chair that will retain its looks and give long-term service without the need for ongoing maintenance.

The materials used in the frame and seat cover are resistant to corrosion and fading which is a complaint sometimes made against wood.

Its construction also makes for a lightweight chair weighing in at just 18 pounds so it’s easy to move around if you need to.


There is a very small amount of assembly required. Its simple design means fewer parts and you’ll have the instructions which will make it a cinch to put together.


It’s not necessary to buy a cushion for this ‘sling’ style chaise. The taut ‘textilene’ fabric is ready to support you. However it is a very firm support. One user described it as ‘hard’ which he found ideal for his liking and which could be suitable for you too.  But maybe you could keep a cushion to hand for the times you’re looking for an indulgent relax. The backrest adjusts through 5 positions taking you through sitting up to lying flat out.

Being metal, the arms of this chair absorb the heat of the sun so when the sun is really strong then be careful how you place your arms as you sit – oo – ow ! That’s not a negative just a warning.


It can be summed up as ‘sleek, simple, minimalist and elegant’. And added to that list can be ‘functional’. It is a practical chaise lounge that can hold its own against other, more expensive, alternatives. Its finish is a warm brown with beige-brown fabric giving it a natural outdoor look.

The lack of cushions make it hassle-free. If a downpour sneaks up on you just raise an umbrella, walk indoors or jump in the pool. When the cloud passes the sun will dry off the chaise in minutes and you’re back in relax mode. No cushions to hurriedly gather up or dry out. The chaise is ready for action whenever.


Prices of outdoor furniture vary greatly depending on the material and construction. This chaise is no-nonsense practical, durable and elegant.

Research around and compare prices. You’ll very likely conclude that you could pay a lot more for similar outdoor furniture. But why pay more if you can get this sort of practicality and quality for less?

At a Glance

Durability: Cast-aluminum frame with a brown powder-coated finish make this a lightweight, no-maintenance choice with built-in longevity. Sleek, minimalist  design won’t date either.

Assembly: Simple and straightforward. From opening the box to lying down in minutes.

Comfort: Firm woven sling style fabric and adjustable recline back. The totally waterproof nature of its construction means that this chaise will dry out in minutes and be permanently ready for use.

Appearance: Sleek, simple, minimalist, elegant and functional. That just about sums it up really.

Cost: Don’t be misled by the low price of this chaise lounge. It’s well made, practical and durable. So unless your heart’s set on something specific what are waiting for ?

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