Strathwood St Thoms Cast Aluminum Chaise LoungeStrathwood St Thomas Cast Aluminum Chaise Lounge

Just looking at this lounger creates an almost irresistible urge! It’s hard to curb the desire to take some immediate time out to sit and recline in the sun with a drink in your hand.

This chaise lounge is from Strathmore’s ‘St Thomas‘ range of popular outdoor furniture which includes chairs, tables and, my favorite, a fire pit table.

Made from cast aluminum, the whole frame is finished in a bronze colored powder-coating with silver flecks which looks very classy and elegant.

Add to that its 6-position recline settings and 4 inch cushion and it’ll prove to be a valuable addition to your outdoor living comfort.

Once you experience this line of Strathwood St Thomas furniture you’ll appreciate why Strathwood is such a popular name in outdoor life.


Strathwood’s craftmanship is reliable and, just like the other items in their St Thomas range, this chaise lounge is well made. The cast aluminum chaise lounge frame is corrosion resistant and its powder-coated finish makes it able to endure outdoor elements for years to come.
Being aluminum it’s a lightweight at just 29 pounds making it effortless to move around yet is able to support users up to 300 pounds.
When the lounger’s not in use, the frame’s wide ribs allow water to run through. When it’s time for action they provide a flat, firm support for the ample cushion.
That sumptuous cushion is covered in wipe-clean, water repellant ‘Olefin’ . The cover is not removable for cleaning though.


Yes, there is a minimum amount of assembly, but it’s very easy to accomplish with the simple instructions. You’re going to like the fact that there isn’t a pile of packaging to dispose of. labelled as ‘frustration free packaging’ you’ll find there are no fiddly wire ties and bits of polystyrene to clean up. The unit arrives in an easy-open recyclable box. A few minutes of assembly and you’ll be into relaxing action!


If comfort is top of your list then this Strathwood lounger is going to oblige. That cushion is going pander to your self-indulgence. It measures a whole 83 1/2 inches long and 23 1/2 wide so that’ll accommodate most people with some wriggle room too. And you’ll nestle into its 4 inch thickness.

The backrest adjusts through 6 levels of recline – sitting up reading a book through to flat out zzzz !

There are gliders on the bottoms of the chaise’s legs which allow you to make adjustments for uneven surfaces.


In the looks department this chaise far belies its ticket price. With its brown/bronze speckled finish it makes a very handsome piece of outdoor furniture that will enhance its surroundings.
If elegant, aluminum furniture works well in your setting then this chaise has an appeal that’s timeless. Whether on the sun porch, on the patio or by the pool it’ll withstand the weather and weather the trends! (Had to get all those weathers in !)

However if you’re wanting something in keeping with a more natural setting then the choice would probably be for the Strathwood Basics Eucalyptus Hardwood lounger. It is extremely durable but does need to be treated with an occasional coat of oil to keep its luster. But wood does look more traditional. So your choice might be guided by the setting and the look you’re wanting to create.


Online prices are competitive and deals do come up from time to time. But even at the full price you are going to be getting great value. If the style is right for you then you won’t be regretting this purchase.

At a Glance

Durability: Cast aluminum construction and very classy powder-coated bronze finish make it weather and corrosion resistant. The cushion cover is water repellant and wipe clean.

Assembly: Quick and easy with simple instructions (and no messy wasteful packaging).

Comfort: The sturdy frame, six stages of recline adjustment and thick, sumptuous cushion make this chaise an outdoor bed !

Appearance: It looks the part. Smart, elegant, and very inviting. If it matches the environment you have then it’ll serve you well.

Cost: Strathwood outdoor furniture range provides good quality at a mid-range price. Strathwood St Thomas range is functional, durable and elegant and represents good value-for-money.

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