Home and Garden. It’s your personal space – mine too!

It’s the place you’re at when you’re not elsewhere.

That sounds a bit obvious but I’m sure you know what I mean.

It’s your own personal space – yours and your family’s.

Yes –  it’s HOME. The secure place where you can close the door, kick-off your shoes, laugh, sing, shout and put your feet up on the settee!

It’s the place where we relax and feel comfortable just being ourselves surrounded by our family, friends and our ‘stuff’ and decorated in a way to give it that personal touch.

The garden is part of your space too.

It might be a courtyard or a landscaped oasis.

A sanctuary to share with wildlife, a place for the kids to run free or a source of organic produce for the kitchen.

However you choose it’s an expression of your lifestyle.

I love my home and being the garden. Now that Spring’s here everything’s coming to life and my mind is running nineteen to the dozen with plans of things to do and buy.

Alfresco life is important to me so I’ll be giving that some attention with ways to get enjoyment from it and entertain friends.

And there are so many things to be done indoors too. I’m going to be busy!

I’m shall be looking around at lots of the most popular lifestyle products and ideas for the home. No doubt I’ll come across some unusual and interesting ones too.

As I go I’ll shall be sharing and reviewing them on this site. This will be fun.

So welcome to HomeandGardenSpace.com. It’s good to have you join me.


Matthew Palmer

(Matt to his friends)

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