Soilsaver Classic ComposterSoilsaver Classic Composter

Maybe you’re wanting to get up and running with producing compost or perhaps you already have open wooden or chicken-wire frame compost piles in your garden and want to get them prettied up.

Either way a perfect answer could be this Soilsaver Classic Composter.

It’s compact in size and it can turn out beautiful, nutrient-rich humus in as little as six to eight weeks after adding the first waste material. Being in the recycling business, Soilsaver follows its own ethos and produces this composter from 100% recycled waste.

It’s a robust, heavy-duty construction and the dark colored material absorbs the sun’s heat which helps speed-up the bacterial composting process.

The compost is totally enclosed in this container and there are two sliding doors at the base to give you access to the beautiful compost when it’s ready. The lid can be locked as a deterrent to hungry little ‘critters’ who might be attracted to whatever you’re throwing in. (Poor little souls).

If you’re a seasoned gardener or new to composting this classic model is sturdy, simple-to-use, affordable and effective.


Basic assembly is quite simple even for the non-technical – just a case of a dozen plastic (non-rusting) nuts and bolts and you’re given the tool to  do it. The box includes easy-to-follow instructions.

Size and Capacity

The Soilsaver Container measures 28 inches square with a height of 32 inches.

That size makes it suitable for most sizes of garden or it can fit into a corner of a patio space.

It’ll hold up to 11.4 cubic feet of organic waste and kitchen scraps. That equates to about 30% of an average home’s recycling waste. That’s impressive!

Ease of Use

Well it’s a s simple as adding your organic waste really and that’s it.

The dark colored container construction absorbs heat which accelerates the bacterial action.

Ideally the compost pile should be turned over to aid the temperature and composting process. One easy way to do that is to lift the container off, place it close by in a new location and then refill the bin from the pile. Placing the bin on level ground will ensure the composter lid will close properly and lock firmly.

Even though the unit works well with heat and compost maintenance, some users of the Soilsaver Classic claim equally good results just by adding waste cold and leaving it to work its magic.

The composter pack includes a guide entitled ‘A Sense of Humus’ which gives an insight into how waste is broken down and how it’s going to bring benefits to your garden.


In return for your modest efforts you’ll be digging out beautiful, rich, dark humus in about 6 to 7 weeks of setting up this composter. Itc performs equally well in all climates and its locking lid will keep away any visiting beasties.

At 30 pounds, the Soilsaver Classic is heavier than most others but that’s part of its robust construction. It’s better for containing the heat too which hastens the breakdown of the organic content. The airflow is sufficient but not as good maybe as the Lifetime 80 Gallon Composter which comes with a much higher price ticket.

Throw in grass clippings, newspaper, leaves, garden waste, cardboard, a bit of horse manure and kitchen scraps to produce a good mixture of carbon and nitrogen. Users comment how surprised and satisfied they are with how they can just add waste to this composter and get rich compost without turning or attending to it in any way.

The airflow and fast composting action ensure that there is no odor from the waste.


The Soilsaver Classic is the least expensive composter in its class. Construction is solid and its performance is extremely efficient making composting hassle-free. If you’re new to composting or you have a limited budget or space then this is the ideal composter for you.

There are many reports of people still successfully running these composters  after 10 years. The manufacturer is confident enough to offer a 25 year guarantee which is way longer than most others.

At a Glance

Assembly: purchasers comment on just how easy it is to assemble and the easy instructions in the booklet.

Capacity: It’s a compact unit but still has the ability to turn out 11.4 cubic feet of compost. It’ll take a large chunk of your household waste.

Ease of use: Many users claim that it’s ease of use inspired them to buy additional ones to recycle more waste for their gardens.

Effectiveness: This unit is very effective at producing a rich humus for your garden in a short period of time with no trace of odors. Some might have a preference for the features of a tumbler such as the Lifetime 80 Gallon Compost Tumbler. But for the simplicity and price this unit does its job very effectively.

Price: Great value for money. The Soilsaver Classic Composter will do wonders for your flowers and vegetables.


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